Garden Waterproof, Dust-proof Patio Furniture Cover(83.86''X 51.97'' X29.13'')

Garden Waterproof, Dust-proof Patio Furniture Cover(83.86''X 51.97'' X29.13'')

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Garden Waterproof, Dust-proof Patio Furniture Cover(83.86''X 51.97'' X29.13'')

Patio Outdoor Furniture Sets Cover Features and Benefits

Perfect for use all year round. 
Designed to last for an extra long time.

Strong cord supplied for a secure fitting. Suitable for large, cube patio table and chairs.

Protects furniture from harsh weather and stops fading from sunlight.

Portable, acid and alkali resistant, tear resistant, waterproof, easy to wash and fold.

These full length covers will protect your table from bird droppings, tree sap & pollution.

KINGSO Furniture Cover(83.86''X 51.97'' X29.13'') FeaturesKINGSO Furniture Cover(83.86''X 51.97'' X29.13'') Features

Material: Polyester
Color: Black
Size: (L)X(W)X(H)213X132X74cm
KINGSO Furniture Cover(83.86''X 51.97'' X29.13'') SizeKINGSO Furniture Cover(83.86''X 51.97'' X29.13'') Specification


1.Please allow 1-5cm error due to manual measurement and make sure you do not mind before ordering.

2.Please understand that colors may exist chromatic aberration as the different placement of pictures.
KINGSO Furniture Cover(83.86''X 51.97'' X29.13'') Included
Package included
1 Pcs Furniture Set Cover


Average rating:
4.7 / 5.0
Great quality
February 26, 2019
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Thinner material than I was hoping for. Holds up well to rain, we will see how it handles ice and snow
December 22, 2018
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Anonymous Customer
I read so many reviews complaining that their cover became brittle after one year. They should be glad that it did, because otherwise our planet would be covered in plastic. As you can see from my photos, this cover is double sided: one side is black and the other is metalic silver. This is because during winter, you should cover your patio furniture with the black side facing out. During the summer, you should flip it to reflect the sun. This will double or quadruple the life of your cover depending on where you live and you wont see your cover becoming brittle within one or two seasons. I also saw other product reviews where customers were complaining that when they were putting the cover on or taking it off, the cover tore in one place. Without exception, when I looked at the photos, the tear was in the area were the armrest was or where the legs are. Obviously, covers are made of thin plastic. So be gentle and very careful with the cover not getting stuck. And do not pull hard when you notice it is stuck. Release it first. As you can see, my outdoor furniture is all with round edges. So, I am good. Finally, there were some people that complained about their covers changing color when it was left in the sun. Again, this is expected and normal. Again, that is why this cover is double sided. Use the metalic reflective side facing out during summer. If you are like me and really want to extend the life of your cover, every fall spray the black side with water retardent. Every spring, spray to moisturize the metalic side. Finally, get your cover one size bigger or like me pile them so the cover is not stretched at all times. If you see there is too much loose cover, this one has two pairs of string that you can pull to tighten it if necessary. These pully strings comes handy for those windy days that your cover flies over to your neighbors. So, I live in Seattle, WA and as you know it rains 367 days out of the 365 days. We had cold winters in the past two years and they predict that 2018 winter will be cold with some snow. I will mark my calendar to update my review in 6 months. So far, this cover is the best one considering the size, quality of material, being double sided with different colors, and have those strings to pull during windy days. Happy Shopping.
August 17, 2018
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Pour protéger un salon d Exterieur
October 06, 2019
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Je l'utilise pour protéger ma table de jardin, très efficace, elle protège bien et très solide Je recommande Rapport qualité prix est assuré
October 06, 2019
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